Rants About Nothing
    04, 6月 2012 318 notes
  1. xparrot:

    (from Thor 615) “He made me laugh like no one else alive…His charm, his cleverness… We hunted together as boys. I was never happier. I miss my brother.”

    And so Thor goes and brings Loki back. And how much do I love that it’s not because Loki saved them in the end, not because he owes Loki, or because he thinks Loki or the world will be any better for it; he knows Loki will likely go right back to his old tricks and wreaking havoc again, but Thor brings him back anyway, selfishly and knowing it, because in spite of everything he wants his brother in his life, can never give up on what they once had.

    (Answer: I love it a WHOLE FREAKING LOT ;_;)

    (though, rancid, Thor? Really? ._.)

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      oh my god im in tears right ohmygodddd i dont want to live anymore
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      Sentiment will bring them together every time
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